Deleted: The Best Food and Wine to Try in Australia’s Hinterland Region

food and wine

The hinterland in Queensland has some of the best food havens that suit a wide variety of tastes. From the fine dining restaurants in Montville to the boutique coffee shops in Maleny, this region has truly proven to be a paradise for food and wine lovers. 

Prepared with fresh, organic ingredients, the culinary creations you will find in this tourist spot will surely be the best memory you’ll take home with you. On your next visit to this incredible region, make sure to add to your list the must-try food and wine we will be sharing with you below.

The last one may sound familiar 🙂

Monty’s of Montville

8/171-183 Main St, Montville QLD 4560, Australia

This charming cafe boasts a selection of 43 milkshake flavours and several ice cream flavours for you to choose from. Additionally, they offer handmade gluten-free waffle cones and a mouth-watering menu of handmade candies.

Visit their store or shop online for their sweet pieces made from top-quality Australian ingredients. 

Maleny Food Co

29 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

This cafe and store is home to artisanal gelato and sorbet created from the local farm’s fresh milk and cream. You will also enjoy visiting their walk-in fromagerie filled with gourmet cheese as well as local and international charcuterie. 

Many tourists stop for a cup of gelato or a gourmet picnic box and relax by the scenery at Baroon Pocket Dam or atop Howell’s Knob lookout. Try this yourself!

Maleny Cheese

1 Clifford St, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

This store takes pride in offering award-winning cheese masterpieces. Boasting a cheese-specialty menu, their cafe has some of the best-tasting gluten-free and vegetarian meals and snacks prepared and served by a friendly staff. 

Guests can also see how the cafe’s dairy products are made on the production floor through panoramic windows inside the restaurant. This is a way to show the store’s strong connection to ingredient sources and traditional dairy making procedures. 

King Ludwigs German Restaurant and Bavarian Beer Bar

401 Mountain View Rd, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

Experience Bavaria and southern German hospitality without leaving Australia and visit this quaint restaurant! Overlooking the serene Glasshouse Mountains, this popular bar offers affordable yet filling meals and an outstanding menu of 40 German imported beers. Give them a call today and enjoy an authentic Bavarian dining experience. 

Terra Firma Dining

Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Offering immersive, unique dining experiences, Terra Firma Dining is a catering service committed to making your celebrations memorable. Expect to be awed by an elegant menu prepared by your private chef and cooked over a warm, cozy fire. 

Every meal is created with the best products of the Sunshine Coast directly sourced from local businesses. Listen to live music, feast on good food, watch the magnificent sunset, and make sure to bring home this scenic memory with you.

Maleny Chocolate Co.

Rainforest Plaza, Unit 4/43 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

Fresh is best. People are amazed at the fresh taste of chocolates made without preservatives, palm oils and artificial flavours. You can see them being made by hand every day in our factory and sample free tastings in the factory outlet store open 7 days a week 10-4pm.

Our delicious products are also perfect for those looking for healthy sweet options since we offer a range of vegan as well as sugar free and gluten free chocolate products. 

Whether you’re coming for a chocolate making class or visiting our famous Chocolate Slab Bar, or just to treat yourself to a taste of the world’s best chocolate, Maleny Chocolate Factory is a ‘must do’ destination on the Sunshine Coast hinterland tour circuit.


Dearly loved by locals and tourists alike, Queensland’s hinterland has indeed made a name for itself in bringing the richest cultures and tastes to the world. Tuck the list above in your luggage, and you definitely won’t have a dull day on your trip!

If you are on the lookout for exciting chocolate tours in Maleny, visit Maleny Chocolate. Our handmade chocolates are free of nasties and surprisingly affordable. Give us a call today!