What Is A Chocolatier


A chocolatier makes chocolate art. They create the beautiful and delicious treats you can buy at chocolate shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, or other culinary outlets. 

Chocolatiers strive to produce aesthetically appealing designs when manufacturing chocolate. They pay equal attention to the item’s flavour and appearance. To become a great chocolatier it requires training in a chocolate workshop or culinary school. It helps to have experience in other positions like being a pastry chef or confectionery chef.

What Does A Chocolatier Do? 

Chocolatiers make chocolate confectioneries, which usually comprise a variety of sweets and desserts. They may also create chocolate sculptures and centrepieces for special weddings and other large parties.

Chocolatiers spend most of their time making chocolate products for their workplace or private clientele. A Chocolatier who works in a bakery or restaurant may be required to produce various things each day to offer clients.

Chocolatiers make chocolate truffles, bars, bonbons, and various other delicacies. After tempering, the chocolate is shaped or sculpted. Chocolatiers can additionally embellish and offer the confectionary item with different components.

Temper to Achieve Specific Characteristics in Chocolate 

Chocolatiers master the art of mixing creativity with flavour. They often use a process called tempering. Tempering changes the consistency and sheen of chocolate by heating and chilling it. The cocoa butter crystallizes while the chocolate is cooked. The chocolate becomes more brittle as it cools.

The temperature used to heat the chocolate can make it softer, tougher, duller, or shinier. At Maleny Chocolate Factory we offer 2 hour classes teaching you how to do this at home and then create your own chocolate pralines and shapes.

After tempering, the chocolate is shaped or sculpted. Chocolatiers can create unique designs  by carving the chocolate by hand or by using molds.

Molds can be used to pour the heated chocolate into a specific shape. The liquid chocolate is allowed to then set before being removed.

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Chocolatiers require patience, particularly while tempering chocolate or allowing chocolate to solidify in a mould. You should need to be very creative since you will be needed to generate unique designs regularly. Come to Maleny Chocolate Factory at 43 Maple St, a chocolate company in Maleny, to get your daily dose of fresh chocolate. Watch the chocolates being manufactured at our factory and then pick up some amazing treats in the factory outlet café to take home. Visit us today!