Chocolate Madness: Why Chocolates Are Good for You

person holding chocolate

Like many types of sweets, chocolate has a bad reputation for being an unhealthy snack to munch on. However, those who have a sweet tooth cannot resist partaking in this delectable food item—it’s versatile and can make anyone feel happy in just one bite. Is it really that unhealthy, or does it also have its benefits?

Chocolate’s effects on a person’s mood and thinking is undeniable, and it even has research to back it up. Many of its components have a knack for making us feel good and warding off negative moods. However, does this mean that we can eat chocolate every day? Before raiding the nearest chocolate factory, you must remember that everything is good in moderation. 

This revelation may seem heaven-sent—but have you considered why this is the case? If you are, pay close attention to this article while you have a munch of your favorite chocolate. You will get a better perspective of what happens to your body while eating this wonder food.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This benefit is another reason you should consider visiting a chocolate factory. Your doctor may even thank you for including chocolate as an occasional treat. However, it’s best to remember the adage that everything is good in moderation.

Chocolate contains flavonoids, which is a chemical found naturally in plants. According to Harvard Medical School, it can lower blood pressure.

Another prestigious institution, the University Hospital of Cologne, studied chocolate’s effects on those at risk of developing hypertension. They observed that eating 30 grams of chocolate, equivalent to one Hershey’s Kiss, lowered the participants’ blood pressure. However, those who ate white chocolate, which does not contain cocoa, did not experience lower blood pressure levels.

The question now is whether we can enjoy any chocolate. Unfortunately, not all chocolates are equal. In this case, scientists want us to eat dark chocolate, which has the highest concentration of cocoa.

We can safely conclude that the higher cocoa content, the better it is for our blood pressure levels. However, do not make the mistake of ditching your exercise plan with chocolate. Researchers say that the reduction was too small to be significant in the long term.

Prevents Inflammation

Another reason you should visit your local chocolate café is that this wonder food can prevent inflammation. Have you noticed that you would feel better if you were sick and ate chocolate? It is not just you, but there is a scientific reason for this.

Scientists point out that our body’s natural response to pathogens is inflammation. Unfortunately, long-term chronic inflammation is not a good thing. It can lead to serious medical issues like diabetes, arthritis, or even cancer. Fortunately, chocolate can mitigate this condition.

The flavonoids in chocolate help lower blood pressure levels. It can also prevent or fight out inflammation. Some researchers say that enjoying dark chocolate every day can stop inflammation.


If Willy Wonka was a real person, he would be a genius, as he understood that people need chocolate. With that knowledge, he created his world-famous chocolate factory. Unfortunately, he is only a fictional character, but the benefits of eating chocolate are real. They do not only help us get through a rough day, but they can make us healthier in moderation.

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