Apply for Wholesale

We sell wholesale chocolates to businesses across the Sunshine Coast & Northern Brisbane Suburbs. Any prospective wholesale chocolate customers must read and agree to our terms of trade as outlined below. As a supplier of premium handmade chocolates we expect our retailers to take as much care with our product as we do.

Our existing wholesale chocolate stockists include premium retail outlets, high end chocolate shops, hotels, resorts & coffees shops.

We supply wholesale chocolates by the kilogram in individual chocolate varieties, as bulk purchases of individual products listed on our website including chocolate speckles and chocolates bars and as bespoke items to fit our customers’ individual needs.

All our chocolates are made with premium Belgian chocolate. Our cream comes from over the fence at Maleny Dairies. We make our own honeycomb from scratch. Our macadamias, citrus & coffee beans are grown organically on site.

Terms for Wholesale

  1. All quoted prices are exclusive of gst. Some chocolate products do not attract gst eg plain chocolate buttons (couverture) however finished products do attract gst.
  2. First order has minimum value of $500 C.O.D. Subsequent orders have a minimum $300 wholesale requirement. Delivery to your door is $15.
  3. We are not able to offer accounts and payment is required before delivery either with bank deposit or COD.
  4. Acceptance of goods is responsibility of receiver. Orders will be carefully packed and delivered in good order. As chocolates are fragile items we cannot be responsible for poor handling/storage once outside of our care. You should inspect goods at time of delivery to ensure quality.
  5. Chocolates need to be stored in a cool dark environment away from moisture, humidity and odours (especially, soaps, perfumes and strong foods like garlic, onions etc). Even though the chocolate is sealed in an airtight bag it will still absorb other odours which will taint the taste. This is also true of the polystyrene smell from some storage boxes.
  6. Most chocolate bars will have a long shelf life (typically 6 months) however this is only where storage is under ideal conditions (around 18 deg C and low light, low humidity).
  7. The shelf life for pralines is less than this due to fresh cream used in most ganaches. As we don’t use any preservatives typically ‘Best before’ date is 3-4 weeks if stored under ideal conditions. Very cold display cabinets where doors frequently open will allow moisture to form condensation droplets on the chocolate pralines and adversely affect the presentation.
  8. At the factory we don’t stockpile and nor should the retailer. If we make fresh to order, your product will always be superior.
  9. Good retailers will keep an eye on ageing stock. Where items are approaching ‘Best Before’ dates, best practice will be to turn them over using ‘2-for-1’ offers, or break them up for customer sampling. Do not offer for sale items past ‘Best Before’ dates.
  10. Chocolate products must be displayed in a cool, dry environment, ideally 12 -20 degrees. Where chocolates are not stored correctly we can not be responsible for product deterioration.
  11. Where our product shows signs of deterioration in the store whether due to heat, moisture, poor handling or storage, affected items must be removed from sale.
  12. We deliver only to Sunshine Coast and Hinterland as well as northern suburbs of Brisbane. Beyond these areas transport is the responsibility of purchaser.
  13. We don’t ship our products due to potential breakage and melting.